In a Barbie World?

The beautiful woman pictured above is model Katie Halchishick featured in a recent issue of O magazine. The little lady in her hands doesn’t require much of an introduction: it’s Barbie, the plastic playmate many of us loved as a child. The markings all over Halchishick’s body are in fact Barbie’s dimensions; the shoot was intended to show the amount of plastic surgery the average woman would need in order to look like this iconic doll. The truth is that it is physically impossible to have a body like Barbie’s. One’s waist would need to shrink to a mere 18 inches (the world’s smallest waist belongs to Cathie Jung, which measures 15 inches and is only achievable for a short period of time by using an extreme Victorian corset. Without this corset, her waist is 21 inches). Ones eyes would need to be twice as big, eyebrows would need to be raised at least two inches, and even one’s neck would need to be lengthened significantly. The most baffling fact is that it is projected she would not be able to walk upright due to her miniscule feet and massive breasts.

Barbie can be a ballerina, doctor, policewoman, and a rock star all in one day, but she will never be human.


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