Exercise in 10-minutes!

Okay, so you’re busy and don’t have time to work out or you don’t have time to take a shower after a workout. Well, a short 10 minutes workout can uplift your spirits, get your blood pumping and be the perfect way to avoid the complete drench in sweat. Everyone has at-least 10 minutes a day!

First start out by doing a few stretches, like the ones from our yoga post last week. Touch your toes standing up, then sit on your butt and touch your toes again. Do a few more of your favorite stretches and then put on this 8-minute video! (Yes, the guy in it is a little silly- it’s from the 80s!!!) 8-Minutes!

Now, cool down from these 8-minutes with the five yoga poses below. Hold each pose for 20 seconds.

Yoga Guide

An easy way to cool down.



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