Green Smoothies

Green Smoothie Have a hard time getting veggies down? Ever had a green smoothie? Well, if you haven’t you should try it. The options are endless! You can really make one with whatever fruits you have on hand! They taste as good as they look gross, and no, you can’t taste the greens.

First, you will need a blender. The three things I always keep the same in my smoothie are spinach, water and banana along with many other variables. The banana is a must if it is your first time, it masks any vegetable taste you might be left with and also makes the smoothie smooth. Here is a super simple recipe to get you started. Once you get used to it, you can add in apples, peaches, oranges, watermelon or really anything you have on hand. You can even add oatmeal! When using a green like kale, don’t use too much, it is a little tougher in the smoothie.

Raw Spinach 2 cups

Kale 1/2 cup

Water 1 inch (in blender)

Banana 1 whole

Strawberry ¼ cup frozen

Blueberry ¼ cup frozen


Start out by putting all your greens in the blender (I don’t measure I usually just fill the blender). Add about an inch of water to the blender, turn it on! It will condense a lot! Then add in your fruit, blend until smooth! You can share it or have a HUGE smoothie all to yourself!


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