Remember when you were young and everyday was a day to play games. Many of those childhood games were fun exercises that even as an adult you to can play. Jumping is one of those activities using several muscles and aerobic as well. Jumping jacks and jumping rope are two fun activities, but you want something with more of a challenge right? How about a variation of hopscotch, yes you read Hopscotchcorrectly- the childhood game of hopscotch can actually be turned into a fun exercise. Hopscotch boards can be drawn with chalk outside or taped on to floors inside. I personally like using masking tape on the floor inside to draw out my board.


The layout of the board is only limited by your imagination. As you can see there are several different types of boards and each one has its history in a different time and culture. Now that you have your board place a few rocks in different squares, where you’ll have to bend down to pick up the rocks. Now start jumping from square to square- start by jumping with both feet, then move to one foot. Next try jumping backwards or side to side. Make sure to pick up the rocks along the way too. I normally set my timer to 10 minutes and continue to jump until the time runs out. Don’t forget to play some music too while hopping around to keep the energy going. HAVE FUN!


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