“Inside Out: Portrait of an Eating Disorder”

In the book “Inside Out: Portrait of an Eating Disorder”, author Nadia Shivack shares with her readers about her life-long problem with her eating disorder. The pages hold her life story and are filled with memories and pictures. The stories share how the combination of her family having problems, swimming competitively and trying to excel in school caused her eating disorder to become an “evil alien” that took over her life. The drawings show how her eating disorder encaptured her life at a young age such as depicting situations in which her mother told her she was “a little chunky”.

This story does a great job of showing when Nadia  first started seeing signs of her eating disorder, and depicts the problems she had among the way to realizing that her eating disorder will be a lifelong struggle that she will have to work at daily.

Her work is truly an empowering piece, in which she shows readers that reaching out for help is never a bad thing or sign of weakness, and is a sign of strength. By reading this, Nadia Shivack hopes that her readers are all are able to come to the same realization that she was – that letting food rule your life is never a good thing.


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