Dance tackles eating disorders

“The director of the Royal Ballet has said that any dance company director who claims never to have worked with an anorexic performer is lying. “

    In this article, Dame Monica Mason (who has been with the Royal Ballet for 54 years) commented on the issues of eating disorders within the dancing industry itself. She admits how in the past, they had been in denial. However, she now sees that they (the company) can see the situations arising that can be troublesome and can work to help the young dancers before the problems takes a toll on them. What seemed to be most uplifting were the few words the executive chief chose to open the conference with. He simply said, “Let’s Talk about it.” The conference was the Nutrition and Disordered Eating Conference which was attended by more than 100 delegates of the dance, and medical fields respectively. Dame Monica backed the chief executive by saying, “I think it is great that we are now talking about it more and more.”



Please follow this link to read the whole article!


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