Eating Disorders Increase Risk of Dying Prematurely

In a study by By Dr. Steve O’Brien, Psychologist, and published on (

recent events have shown that there may very will be a link between specific stressful life events with the onset of an eating disorder. In the study, which looked over 27 people who had suffered with their eating disorders for around 20 years, 9 suffered from anorexia, 3 from bulimia, 1 from both, and 14 did not meet the diagnostic criteria for any one specific condition. The article then goes into detail about how their were six main factors that triggered eating disorders within these patients; school transition, relationship changes, death of a family member or close one, abuse (sexual assault or incest), changing homes/jobs and illness/hospitalization.

“But triggers are not indicators of actual causes.  Other factors that put people at risk for an eating disorder need to be present, and then one or more of these events might trigger the development of an eating disorder.”

Please follow the link to read the full story!



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