“Unbearable Lightness: a Story of Loss and Gain” by Portia de Rossi


“Unbearable Lightness” is one of the most touted memoirs on eating disorders, though when I first learned of it, I had not realized what was so different about the author. Being born in the early 90s, Ally McBeal was a popular show, but one more age-appropriate for my parents at the time. However, with the resurgence of “Arrested Development” and her marriage to Ellen DeGeneres often in the media, it finally clicked that this Portia de Rossi was the same I was seeing alongside the crazy Bluth clan on Netflix.

The tone of “Unbearable Lightness” could easily be narrated by Lindsey Bluth. The book carries the same sarcastic, self-deprecating spirit of de Rossi’s iconic character. Other portions of the book were almost poetic. Portia describes the great lengths she goes to hide her disorder and the struggles she had within her family in haunting detail. We follow Portia through the development of her disease and  are brought experience the immense pressure of a rising star being forced  to fit inside a straight, thin ideal. Overall, it is a genuine, expressive account of illness in Hollywood, and I could not put it down.


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